You can choose to have a program personalized for you or you can choose from one of my PRE-existing programs.

45 Day Online Detox Program
Designed to Provoke Change

This program is designed for people that already have basic natural food preparation skills. This program is a continuation of the Plant Based Cuisine Program and the Live Food Program. If you are not an established client a 15-minute phone interview is required.

  • Daily personal check ins via text message or email.
  • Six 1 hour, check ins via Skype, Facetime or telephone.
  • 30 Day Kit of cleansing herbs for detox of all major organs.

45 Day Detox Program in Puerto Rico
Designed to Reset and Refine Your Palate

Detoxing does not mean not eating. Learn how to fine tune your body with a natural food cleanse.

  • Daily personal check ins vial text message or email.
  • Six lunch and demos in my kitchen

  • 30 Day Kit full of cleansing herbs for detox of all the major organs.

stuffed cucumbers

Personalized Detox
You set the pace

We all have different needs and we all move at different speeds. I will support you one on one so that you will be able to reach your detox and culinary goals.

Please fill out the form and we can talk about how I can best support you. 

rolls with nut cheese

Organizing your kitchen and pantry and learning how to prepare wholesome natural foods are the first steps to take in preparation for a successful detox.